We’ll Help You Find the Man of Your Dreams in Richmond, VA for FREE

As Of Today, I Have 58 Highly-Qualified Men Who Would Like to Meet You

My name is Michelle Gardin. I’m in a bit of a pinch and I need your help. I’ve got A LOT more men in my database than women… actually, I’ve got 58 great men who are looking for an awesome woman and nobody to match them with!

Here’s the story… I run a local dating service and a recent marketing campaign worked amazingly well and I found a lot more men than women. So… I wanted to find a way to help these men (who we’ve already qualified) find the woman of their dreams… so I set up this quick web page and started telling women in the area, like you.

These men all live in the San Diego area and have already been pre-qualified by us (we’ve already thrown out the duds). The men pay for the service so it’s completely free for you.

Tired of the bar scene?

Let’s face it. The problem we all have is meeting people of the opposite sex. Finding that special someone in bars rarely (if ever) works… the atmosphere is just too artificial and the people too plastic. You’re just not yourself at a bar, and no one else is either.

San Diego desperately needs a legitimate, on-the-level service for young singles. If you’re interested, read on…

This is how the service works:

  • The service is for young single women (ages 21-35) and young single men (ages 25-40).
  • Everyone fills out an application.
  • We’ll sort through the available applications and match you only with those people we feel would be a perfect fit.
  • We’ll email you a brief description of your matches. If you like what you hear and want to go ahead and meet any of your matches, we’ll setup a short coffee date that’s convenient for the both of you.
  • If after meeting your match, you’d like to take things further, you can give them your contact information or you can give us the go ahead and we’ll give it to them for you.

About your application:

  • None of this costs you a dime. We’re paid by the men. It’s completely FREE for YOU.
  • There are NO strings attached. We never charge a fee to women.
  • Your matches will never see your application so feel free to be completely honest with us about your wants and needs.
  • We will never release your contact info (unless you tell us to do so).

“Aren’t the people who use these services usually freaks or weirdos?”

Let me ask you this… are YOU a freak or a weirdo? Of course not! But you’re considering joining, aren’t you? As you read this, there are a lot of other completely normal, fun, and attractive people asking the same question and deciding to go for it… you should too! Besides, we do a really good job of weeding out the small number of freaks and weirdos that do apply.

“What is your success rate?”

Our documented success rate for serious applicants is 78.34% which is awesome for any kind of dating service. You basically have a 4 out of 5 chance of finding Mr. Right!

Check out what Diane Rodriguez had to say:

“I was truly amazed at the quality of people that Success Singles matched me up with! I never thought I’d be one to try a dating service but I’m sure glad I did!”

“Who are you, and why are you doing this?”

We’re a group of young professional singles (both men and women). We’re tired of the bar scene, and we’re tired of waiting for someone else to start such a service (I even participate myself). We got together and decided to take action. I run a business locally and have the facilities and equipment to do this right.

So what’s in it for us? The same thing that’s in it for you… the chance to meet new, single people and add some real spice to our social lives. By the way, we’re a totally non-profit company. We’re not in this for money.

Go for it!

You have nothing to lose by filling out an application (but you have a lot to gain). Remember, you never have to go out with anyone you don’t want to go out with you, and no one will get your contact information until you’re ready to give it to them. And this is completely free!

We want you to participate! The more people we have, the better it is for everyone. The sooner you send in your application, the sooner you’ll start getting matches with great men!


Michelle Gardin
Success Singles

P.S. What are you waiting for?  The man of your dreams could be waiting for you just on the other side of the application?  The application only takes 3 minutes and 25 seconds to fill out (yes, we checked)…  Get to it…